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Best Mobile Processors in 2023

To help you in making a wise decision when purchasing your next phone, we've prepared a list containing the best mobile processors of 2023. Read more at Revent KSA.
Mobile processors

One of the most important components in the smartphone world, which directly affects the performance of your phone, is the processor or the central processing unit (CPU). Mobile processors, also known as SoC processors, greatly determine the user experience, and the entire functionality of the smartphone. In order to help you in making a wise decision when purchasing your next gadget, we have prepared a list containing the best mobile processors of 2023.

Understanding Processors (CPUs)

A processor, often referred to as a central processing unit, CPU, is the electronic circuit that executes the commands for a device. The processors have been adapted for a wide range of functions, from artificial intelligence to image signal processing to traditional computing, in the world of mobile devices. These contemporary mobile processors are sometimes called System-on-Chip because they carry numerous functions.

Benchmarking for Performance Evaluation

Benchmarking is one of the most important industry practices to measure SoC performances by specific criteria and metrics in the industry. Benchmark tests results provide consumers with score for their ability to gauge SoC capabilities. These are the elements tested include gaming ability, battery power, and the total CPU functionality.

Best Mobile Processors in 2023

Here is the list of the best mobile processors rated with their rankings and benchmark scores from benchmark sources to help you choose the best mobile processor in 2023. These ratings will help you in selecting a processor that meets your specific demands.

RankProcessor NamePhoneAnTuTuGeekBenchGeekBench
1Snapdragon 8 Gen 3Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra2.14 million23297526
2Apple A17 BionicApple iPhone 15 Pro Max1,641,88328907179
3Apple A16 BionicApple iPhone 151,474,87225466316
4Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 41,432,00013513808
5Dimensity 9200Vivo X90 5G1,266,65413534055
6Snapdragon 8 Gen 2Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra1,207,65219874990
7Snapdragon 8 Gen 1OnePlus 10 Pro1,114,6459763469
8Dimensity 9000Vivo X801,072,22112484191
9Dimensity 9000 PlusOppo Find N2 Flip1,055,00013064293
10Apple A15 BionicApple iPhone 13803,25417164597
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Analyzing Benchmark Data

Benchmarking data is a good way of getting to know SoC’s performance. The common benchmark tests are AnTuTu and Geekbench.

AnTuTu benchmark scores measure total system-on-chip (SoC) performance. Higher scores indicate better performance. For example, a computer having a performance score of 400,000 will be superior to a computer having a performance score of 200,000.

Geekbench Benchmark uses a variety of computational tasks to measure a SoC’s performance. Higher is better, representing better mobile processor performance.

Choosing the Best Mobile Processor

Some benchmarks are objective in nature, however Tech Centurian created a simple-to-follow subjective custom benchmark that is easy to grasp and connect to in the eyes of day-to-day customers. 

Tech Centurion is a website that ranks and lists smartphone processors by performance, efficiency, and gaming. They use a benchmarking technique known as Centurion Mark that scores the SOC based on a series of tests. These tests include benchmarking the CPU performance, gaming performance, and batteries efficiency.

When evaluating the best mobile processors, consider the following benchmark score ranges:

– Less than 55 Score: Do not buy or use a smartphone with a processor score in this range.

– 55-70 Score: A bit sluggish, but generally acceptable for day-to-day usage.

– 70-100 Score: Light gaming and daily use, but older processors may become hot and throttle.

– 100-125 Score: Offering very good multitasking, great for overall performance.

How To Choose the Best Phone Processor for Your Own Needs?

Your usage requirements should guide you in choosing the best phone processor for your mobile handset. Go for a top-scoring chipset if you prioritize gaming, video editing, and multitasking. Processors with the scores from 70 to 100 are good enough for the casual use like the browsing and content consumption. Processors from 55 to 70 points are affordable, but they may have occasional performance issues.

In the End

The best mobile processor is a key aspect in the world of smartphones, which is changing at a fast pace and determines the whole mobile experience. Our best mobile processor ranking list for 2023 is an ultimate guide to assist you in choosing the best processor based on your needs. Although choosing a smartphone at the benchmarking top is an option to consider, one should bear in mind his needs at a consumer’s view. In the end, you are the one who will make the final selection, and the best phone processor is the one that suits your tastes, patterns of use.

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