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Tips to prolong the lifespan of smartphone

Owning a smartphone is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s world. As it keeps becoming more and more intelligent and improving all the time we don’t feel the need to own multiple devices. Remember a time where besides a phone we would carry around a digital camera? How inconvenient! With smartphones becoming more high tech and for that reason more expensive to buy, it is important that we make the most of them. Be it a brand new phone or a pre-owned device, the average lifespan is between 15-18 months. However, used phones are 10 times more sustainable than brand new products. Not only is it beneficial to the environment, as it helps keep the amount of mobile phone wastage to a bare minimum and reduces the amount of lead that gets buried into landfills, it also definitely helps you financially by saving some money! Regrettably, being used devices they too have the same average lifespan if not shorter so to get the best possible usage of your phone you can start with this:

Screen Protector

Our smartphones are not the easiest to protect. They’re dropped, accidentally hit against and have to sit through various different climates. Consider putting on a tempered glass over the screen and phone case to protect your phone from all sides. Not only will this shield your device, if in the future you want to resell your device it will come up to be of greater value.

Source: Bestgamingpro

Battery Life

There is no avoiding the decrease in the battery life but you can help preserve the lifespan just a little bit longer. The most important thing you can do is to not drain your battery to 0% and then charge it all the way back to 100%. It would be better to charge your phone at 30% all the way to 80% or at small intervals throughout the day. Remember to put your phone on auto-brightness and turn off your mobile data when not in use.

Closing Applications

Closing Applications may seem like you’re doing something to help your phone when in fact you are not. It might just worsen as it forces your phone to re-open and re-start the process all over again which brings your phone to perform at high speeds unnecessarily.

Power Down

Phones are like mini laptops that are palm sized. We don’t leave our laptop running for weeks on end so why do we do the same for our phones? Turning off our phones for a few minutes every week will help it run efficiently and preserve its life.

Source: Macworld UK

Clearing Memory

Regularly clearing out unwanted media, applications and cache memory causes significant lag. This happens because the storage and RAM capabilities of the phone have reached its maximum which causes it to become less responsive and in return convinces you to upgrade to a newer model. When this no longer helps, backup all your data on any free cloud storage that comes with the device and perform a factory reset. It may sound a little excessive, but it surely works.

If you follow these suggestions, it becomes a possibility to extend the lifespan of your smartphone by a few more years.

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