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What is Revent’s mission? 
Our mission is “To make pre-owned mainstream”. We want you to consider buying a pre-loved and renewed item for all your needs as the first option. It is good for your pocket, the community and the planet.
What does Revent do? 
or What is Revent? 
Revent is a specialist destination to find quality pre-loved items at great discount. On Revent, each device has been checked and renewed by experts. All devices go through an exhaustive set of standard checks to be qualified for listing on Revent. All these checks are transparently shared with you for your peace of mind. In case of minor issues, the devices are fixed by experts using the highest standards of repair and listed on Revent after they have passed all quality tests. 
How do I know what to expect from preowned products at Revent?
Or How do I know the physical condition of the products I buy from Revent?
Or How can I know about the physical condition of products on Revent?
Or What are the grades of Revent’s products?
Revent’s platform is customised to show detailed information on type and condition of the pre-loved item you are considering buying. This ensures there are no surprises when you receive your device. Below is your guide to knowing everything about the condition of the product. 
Aesthetic Condition: While every device listed on Revent is 100% functional, they may have varying degrees of signs of usage as they are pre-owned. Following is your guide to understanding what your device will look like. 
Excellent – not used at all or minimally used. No visible signs of usage. Never repaired
Very Good – minimally used. Very minor usage marks, not visible from more than 20cm. Never Repaired
Good – moderately used. Will have some visible marks on the body including frame and screen. Never repaired, may have been touched up.
Refurbished –  moderately used but no visible signs of usage. Has been repaired by experts using quality parts.  
Quality checks: Quality checks done by each seller on any product are transparently displayed on the product page for you to be sure before you make the purchase
We understand that the concerns of a customer are totally different when buying a pre-owned item. Here the origin, quality and post purchase are important questions. Worry not, we got you covered with our stringent quality standards for sellers who can sell ion our platform and products which can be listed by them. 
How can we trust Revent? 
or How can we trust products from Revent? 
or How does Revent control the quality of products? 
or What are quality control measures on Revent?
Revent ensures the best quality for pre-owned electronics using its proprietary technology Truecheck™ . Every unit is tested by our experts before being shipped to the customers. Any unit which is not 100% functional and does not meet the condition advertised in the product page is not shipped. 
Who can sell with Revent?
We have a comprehensive set of requirements which every seller must meet if they want to sell on Revent. These requirements ensure that the source of the seller’s pre-owned products, quality checks by the seller and facilities to repair are top notch. These are verified by Revent quality experts before a seller is onboarded. Sellers are asked to submit undertakings to always meet Revent’s rigorous quality standards.
What can be sold on Revent?
Each product which must be listed by a seller has to mandatorily pass a comprehensive quality check designed to ensure that the device is 100% functional. The outcomes of all these checks must be shared on the product info page transparently for customers to make an informed buying decision. 
How does Revent monitor quality performance of the sellers?
Each seller has a quality score. This quality score is based on the detailed feedback we get from our customers on the sellers’ product, packaging, cleanliness etc. This is topped up by surprise checks from our inhouse quality experts on every seller. If a seller goes beyond a particular quality score, he is discontinued for some time and asked to improve on the relevant areas before they are allowed to sell again in a controlled manner where every order from this seller is scrutinised till the time our quality team is confident of the seller’s quality again.
How is Revent’s customer care?
Or How does Revent’s customer care work?
Or Is Revent’s customer care good?
We closely monitor all customer complaints and work with different stakeholders to resolve them as soon as possible. We understand, there are real people behind these calls and mails who need our personalised care.
Write to us [email protected] with your query and order details.
What is the return policy of Revent?
Can I return the products bought from Revent?
Can I return an opened product?
How can I return a product bought from Revent?
You can return a product within 15 days from purchase in the same condition as received with original packaging and accessories received from Revent. 
You can do this either from your account on Revent (you can create one by using the email ID used for purchase) or by writing an email to [email protected]
What is the warranty policy of Revent?
What is the warranty on Revent products?
What happens if there is an issue with my product?
How do I claim warranty on my product?
Revent offers 1 year complimentary warranty on Smartphones and laptops for manufacturing defects and 3 or 6 months warranty on other products. Please read the warranty applicable on a product and detailed warranty conditions on the product page. Revent will either repair or replace the product within the warranty period. Please note that warranty does not cover user damage or usage related issues. 
For warranty related support, raise a request from your account on Revent (you can create one using the email ID used for purchase) or by writing an email to [email protected]
Why should I buy from Revent?
What are the advantages of buying used electronics from Revent
Revent ensures the best quality for pre-owned electronics using its proprietary technology Truecheck™ . Every unit is tested by our experts before being shipped to the customers. Customers buy from Revent because Revent is known for:
Quality products
15 days money back guarantee 
Up to 1 year warranty on devices*
Free shipping
Several payment methods
please refer to the warranty page for more details on warranty 
I do not find the answer here, how can I get my questions answered?
Write to us [email protected]
What are the different payment methods I can use on Revent?
What are the payment options on Revent?
I do not have enough cash to buy the product, how can I pay for my purchase on Revent?
We have 3 payment methods you can choose from at the checkout:
Cash on Delivery – here the payment for the product will be collected at the time of delivery. If you need to pay by card at delivery please mention it in the order notes or reach out to us on chat or email. Extra charges may apply for cash on Delivery
Credit or Debit card – You can make payments through your debit or credit card in 2 ways. 
Full payment using Stripe – you can use our payment gateway Stripe to pay for the order using your debit or credit card
Pay in Instalments – you can also pay in 4 equal instalments using Tabby.
Can I pay in instalments?
Is there an EMI plan?
Is there a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) option available at Revent?
How can I pay in instalments?
You can use Tabby to pay for the order in 4 monthly equal payments subject to Tabby approval of your order. Read on for different payment methods:
Debit Card: Can only be used for products that cost AED 2000 or less. Only the 1st instalment out of 4 will be charged at the time of order and remaining instalments will be charged in subsequent months.
Credit Card: Can be used for all the products as long as the card has the full cost of the product available as limit.Only the 1st payment to be charged upon ordering and remaining amount will be blocked from credit card limit. As remaining instalments are charged in subsequent months, the limit will keep getting freed.
What if Tabby rejects my request?
What do I do if I face issues using Tabby?
What if I am not able to use the instalment option?
This may have to do with your history or current purchases with Tabby. Kindly reach Tabby for further assistance:
Phone number: +97142156750
Email address: [email protected]

What do I do if my card payment fails?- no need
If your card payment is declined:
1- Contact your bank to see if you have enough funds or an authorization issue
2- Try a different card
3- Try a different payment method like Cash On Delivery
Where is my order? 
How can I check the status of my delivery?
How long does it take for you to deliver the product?
We encourage you to create an account while making your order so you can log in later on and track your delivery among other self-services.
Our standard delivery service level is 1-3 working days and you usually get contacted by the courier before delivery. You should check for the estimated delivery date when you place the order to know when to expect the delivery.
What do the different status for my order mean when I log in to my account on the Revent?
When you log in to your account and go to your orders, you should be able to see one of the following statuses:
1- Confirmed (It means the order has been confirmed on our system and getting ready for processing)
2- Processing (It means we’re getting your order ready for shipping)
3- Shipped (It means we shipped the parcel to the courier to start their process of delivering the device to you)
4- Delivered (It usually takes 24 working hours to deliver the parcel after being shipped to the courier)
Can I change or add the shipping address?
Can I change the delivery address after placing the order?
You can share your new shipping address with us via email: [email protected]​     
 or whatsapp on our web page and we will update it for you. We can do this only if the product has not already been shipped. We can however add a new address to your account at any time for future orders. You can also do this by going to your profile after logging in on Revent.
What is the origin of the phone?
Where are the devices sold on Revent from?
Devices being sold on the website may be GCC or International versions which are manufactured in different countries. Revent ensures the best quality for pre-owned electronics using its proprietary technology Truecheck™ . Every unit is tested by our experts before being shipped to the customers.
How much is the battery life of the phone?
Is there enough battery life in the devices sold on Revent?
Different devices have different battery life. However all our phones have a battery life of more than 80%. Generally the newer models have higher battery life.
Can I see live pictures of the phone?
Are images of the device on Revent the real images of the device I will order?
Unfortunately we do not list individual items and hence the pictures on the product page are that of a standard device. However the “Condition” tab on the product page will tell you exactly what to expect in terms of physical appearance of the device. All devices sold on Revent are 100% functional and come with a return and warranty promise specified on the product page.  
Where’s your store located?
Do you also have offline stores?
Can I see the phones physically before I buy them?
Revent in an online store for preloved electronics. We make it supereasy for you to find and buy a product from the comfort of your home. Our 15 days return policy and 1 year warranty are there to give you peace of mind. 
However we also have our products available with our authorised offline partners with the same benefits. following is the list of our offline partners:
Emirate Address Location Pin
Dubai Baniyas square, Deira https://maps.app.goo.gl/rA4uV3R6gj6Uvvhv9
Dubai Al Fahidi, Dubai https://maps.app.goo.gl/sPNNdorbKqagAq2p7
Dubai Meena Bazar, Dubai https://maps.app.goo.gl/nge1x6fLUccGb9fP9
Dubai Meena Bazar, Dubai https://maps.app.goo.gl/nge1x6fLUccGb9fP9
Ajman Al karama, Ajman https://maps.app.goo.gl/fX7ND6FXasn53PEQ9
Ajman Al karama, Ajman https://maps.app.goo.gl/fX7ND6FXasn53PEQ9
Ajman Lucky Roundabout, Ajman https://maps.app.goo.gl/T5Xn921BqcbTGfWQ6
Ajman 9FP4+C3J – Al Kuwait St – Ajman- nuaimia – Ajman https://maps.app.goo.gl/yasjhzWSPAwiEyvN9
Ajman Lucky Roundabout, Ajman https://maps.app.goo.gl/qfgwQNYw9LKUP6hj7
Ajman Lucky Roundabout, Ajman https://maps.app.goo.gl/T5Xn921BqcbTGfWQ6

Do you have Brand new devices as well?
Do you sell new devices as well?
Revent is an online platform dedicated to preowned, pre-used or refurbished products. All devices have been tested for functionality and refurbished by experts.
How do you refund returned or cancelled orders?
How will I get my money back if I cancel or return my order-
We will issue a refund for a prepaid order to you depending on the method you used for payment:
If you paid by cash on delivery, we will issue a refund to your wallet, if you want you can request for this to be transferred to your bank account
If you paid by credit/debit card, you can choose to have a refund by credit/debit card. 
How long does it take to get the refund?
How soon can I get the refund for a cancelled or returned order?
We initiate the refund process immediately after the returned product has been received and verified for returned orders. In case of cancelled orders after receiving the request from you. We will confirm the refund within 1 working day after the receipt of product (returns) or request (cancellation).
If the refund is to your credit/debit card, it may take up to 15 days or longer for money to reflect into your account depending on your bank
If your refund is to your wallet, you will receive the refund immediately after the confirmation
Can I get cash against returns or cancellations?
Sorry, we do not refund cash. 
Do you have an app?
We don’t have an app, you can easily make your order using our website.
What accessories do you provide with a phone?
What is in the Box ?
You receive your device packaged in a Revent box along with all compatible generic accessories
your ordered item
data cable
generic earphone
sim ejector
revent warranty card
truecheck list
generic manual 
Your device has up to 12 months warranty with us and you enjoy a 15 days return policy in case you change your mind. There is no warranty on the accessories
Refer to this for unboxing (only for demonstration purposes, exact contents may differ) – https://youtube.com/shorts/puwnlwMOTf8?feature=share
Can I open the package and try the device before paying?
According to courier policy, it’s not allowed for the customer to open the package before actually receiving and paying for it. However, you’re allowed 15 days to check and try the device and in case of any fault or if you changed your mind about it, you can return the device and get a full refund.
What does Extended Warranty for 12 months cover?
Extended warranty offers longer protection beyond the 12 months warranty offered by Revent. Following are the details of the Extended Warranty product.
What’s covered: Damages caused by sudden and unforeseen mechanical, electrical, and manufacturer defects.
Validity: 1-year validity starting 12 months from purchase date (after expiry of manufacturer issued warranty), and on products purchased from Revent store in the last 30 days.
Delivery: Activated policy will be sent to your Revent store registered email ID within 72 hours of purchase.
Claims: Unlimited number of claims with UAE-wide coverage and free pickup and delivery service.
What does 1 Year Accidental Damage Protection Plan cover?
Accidental Damage Protection offers longer protection against accidental damage to your phone.
 What’s covered: Drops, spills, & cracked screens. Plan is valid for 1 year from date of purchase, on products purchased from Revent store in the last 30 days.
Validity: 1-year validity starting from the date of activated policy and on products purchased from the Revent store in the last 30 days.
Delivery: Activated policy will be sent to your Revent store registered email ID within 72 hours of purchase.
Claim: 1 time claim with UAE-wide coverage and free pickup & delivery service.
Claim Fees: An amount of 69.00 AED (or 10% of the product price whichever is higher) will be applicable as a deductible fee at the time of claim.
Can I exchange my phone for a device on your website?
Can I swap my phone with you?
Can I trade my device with you?
You can sell your device by going to sell my product option from here – https://uae.revent.store/buyback/
Can I open the box before paying for it?
Can I see the product before making the payment?
Yes, you can open the box and check the contents of the box before paying.

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