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Revent Customer Quality Charter

Date: 18.01.2022

Our Mission

Our mission is “To make pre-owned mainstream”. We want you to consider buying a pre-loved and renewed item for all your needs as first option. It is good for your pocket, the community and the planet ????

Our devices are pre-loved and renewed by experts

Revent is a specialist destination to find quality pre-loved items at great discount. On Revent, each device has been checked and renewed by experts. All devices go through an exhaustive set of standard checks to be qualified for listing on Revent. All these checks are transparently shared with you for your peace of mind. In case of minor issues, the devices are fixed by experts using the highest standards of repair and listed on Revent after they have passed all quality tests.

Know everything about the pre-loved item you are buying

Revent’s platform is customized to show detailed information on type and condition of the pre-loved item you are considering buying. This ensures there are no surprises when you receive your device. Below is your guide to knowing everything about the condition of the product.

Type: this shows if the product has been ever repaired or not

Pre-Owned  not repaired, may have battery and minor parts changed

Refurbished not repaired, may have battery and minor parts changed

Grade: While every device listed on Revent is 100% functional, they may have varying degree of signs of usage as they are pre-owned. Following is your guide to understanding what your device will look like.

Excellent     not used at all or minimally used. No visible signs of usage

Very Good  minimally used. Very minor usage marks, not visible from more than 20cm

Good           moderately used. Will have some visible marks on body including frame and screen.

Fair              extensively used. Will have clearly visible usage marks on the body and the screen.

All these Types and Grades have compatible accessories.

Quality checks: Quality checks done by each seller on any product are transparently displayed on the product page for you to be sure before you make the purchase

Our quality assurance programme

We understand that concerns of a customer are totally different when buying a pre-owned item. Here the origin, quality and post purchase are important questions. Worry not, we got you covered with our stringent quality standards for sellers who can sell ion our platform and products which can be listed by them.

Who can sell with Revent?

We have a comprehensive set of requirements which every seller must meet if they want to sell on Revent. These requirements ensure that the source of seller’s pre-owned products, quality checks by the seller and facilities to repair are top notch. These are verified by Revent quality experts before a seller is onboarded. Sellers are asked to submit undertakings to always meet Revent’s rigorous quality standards.

What can be sold on Revent?

Each product which must be listed by a seller has to mandatorily pass a comprehensive quality check designed to ensure that the device is 100% functional. The outcomes of all these checks must be shared on the product info page transparently for customers to make an informed buying decision.

How does Revent monitor quality performance of the sellers?

Each seller has a quality score. This quality score is basis the detailed feedback we get from our customers on the sellers’ product, packaging, cleanliness etc. This is topped up by surprise checks from our inhouse quality experts on every seller. If a seller goes beyond a particular quality score, he is discontinued for some time and asked to improve on the relevant areas before they are allowed to sell again in a controlled manner where every order from this seller is scrutinized till the time our quality team is confident of seller’s quality again.

Our customer care has got your back

We closely monitor all customer complaints and work with different stakeholders to resolve them as soon as possible. We understand, there are real people behind these calls and mails who need our personalized care.

On the top of all of this, you get…..

We consider these perks as obvious for our customers:

  • 15 days money back guarantee
  • Up to 1 year warranty on devices*
  • Free shipping
  • Several payment methods

*please refer to the warranty page for more details on warranty

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